Corporate culture is formed and developed in parallel with the development of the enterprise, not only as a communication culture, but also includes core values, rules, management styles, business methods, behavior and attitude of all members of the enterprise. Megaspace has found our core factors such as: employees, customers, solidarity, professionalism, trust… and the uniqueness […]


Employees at Megaspace enjoy benefits such as: 13th month salary according to annual business results Social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance regimes as prescribed by Law Special Health Care Insurance for Managers Bonuses and gifts on major holidays: Lunar New Year, New Year, April 30 and International Labor Day, National Day… Travel, annual teambuilding […]


Megaspace Construction Joint Stock Company has a large team of engineers and architects on official payroll, working regularly at the office and on construction sites. In addition to the main force of employees of the Company, the Company also combines with a team of masters and engineers, depending on the nature of the work of […]

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